Is noise causing domestic violence?

I have been observing two noises in my neighborhood for a couple of years. In this article I will talk about the noise, and why I believe they are responsible for causing domestic violence in my neighborhood.

The first noise I will talk about is some kind of air plane or drone. This drone could be a spy plane or just something for surveillance. The engine from the machine makes a low growling noise. It is like one of the low notes on a piano. It is persistent it does not stop for hours. It is on a wave frequency that people would hear it, but not be aware of it. It kind of sounds like the noise that is played when ever an alien documentary shows a picture of an alien.

The second noise I want to talk about is some kind of bug. The bug makes a sound which is low, but higher than the drone. It sounds kind of like a cricket, except it keeps the note longer and is lower pitch. It will slowly rise up in the note and then hold it, and slowly go down, before bringing the note back up again. There are more than one, when these bugs get started, that start other bugs. It can be described as the sand works found in an old movie called, "Flight of the Dragons".

When ever this drone is flying around, making it's noise. My neighbors will get into arguments. My parents get into arguments. The neighbors begin complaining about things. All this is resolved as soon as the drone stops making the noise. Birds begin to sing. It is like the sun shine comes out and all the good beasts of the earth come out of their holes.

As I said the previous paragraph about the drone, the bug also causes arguments. This bug however causes a more violent situation. People will beat their cars. The arguments seem to be more dangerous. And if the bug ever stops making it's noise, things become peaceful. People who where in arguments begin to make amends.

I learned about how noise can cause bad behavior in people in school. In school the bell which signaled or class change was a buzzer, and also literally a bell. The students would jump out of their desk scooting desks all over the room and run to their next class. The teacher told us that they believed it was the cause for our behavior. They then changed the bell to a chime, a soothing tune. The result was everyone calmly got out of the desk and walked to the next class. They did tests where they alternated the bell. The results proved true.

When the sword and spear where the primary weapons of the military, they used to have a drum that would motivate their soldiers. This drum could also cause the enemy to panic and run away.

I believe noise from machines and engines all over the world are at fault for instigating domestic violence. Noisy high ways, factories, and air planes could be causing people to be in fights and arguments more often. If these machines where not present, I believe our society would be a little bit safer.