Guilt is Cruel and Unusual Punishment, it is Unjustifed.

Sometimes people are tricked by the devil into doing acts of sin. After the devil has successfully tricked the an individual into sinning, or doing things that are considered unmoral, the devil will then use it for abusing the same individual.

Becoming guilty for a sin is more than just punishment. It is abuse, and sometimes this abuse is unjustified. Some of the things that I know make the guilt unjustified are; accidents, lies, deception, misunderstandings, immorality taught as morality, false accusations, repentance, redemption, and forgiveness.

Should a person be punished until the day they die? The answer is no. Even if that person had killed another individual, they should be allowed to have repentance, and then forgiveness. Forgiveness should especially be given to the guilty individual when that individual has been punished for the unmoral act. Continuing to judge and abuse the individual after they have been punished for the crime, is unmoral and evil, it is a sinful act. It is no longer justified to abuse the guilty after they have suffered for their crime. And it is not justified to abuse that person after they have repented. When the people in society do not have a way to have forgiveness, when they are condemned to the evil desires of the people around them for a sinful act, repenting becomes worthless and silly in the eyes of the individual who is guilty. This causes the civilization to become thoroughly degraded and evil. I believe this is one of the things that has been happening to the United States of America, I believe it is one of the reason our society is full of corruption, and full of filthy things.

When the guilty have a way to have forgiveness, through repentance, the society will not become has filthy, as it will get some of the trash cleaned up. The guilty can receive a justified amount of punishment for the severity of their crime, and then be a normal, none abused apart of society again. And become part of the society without penalty.

If a child is punished for more than it is worth, they will go into rebellion. This means they are not corrected, but corrupted. This happens when someone becomes guilty of a crime and the people who consider them-self guiltless, verbally abuse the guilty, and reject the guilty from things like jobs and relationships.

Not forgiving the guilty is evil and is worthy of punishment and guilt. It should also be left with repentance which leads to forgiveness.