How to change Bad Luck into Blessings.

Suffering from what looks like bad luck? Want to change that bad luck to good luck? I will teach you some things that people are able to do for them-self to have better luck, or what this article is geared towards; having God's blessings rather than the devil's curse.

I will tell you that bad luck is more than just a string of coincidental events in a person's life. It is most likely caused by an attack from demons. If the idea of demons bother you, well just relax and know that everything is just the same before you knew about them, and how it is now that you know about them, except you can start to be able to find the problem in your life.

The first thing you can do for yourself is stop with demon worship. Do not glorify demons or the devil. And do not give demon's or the devil anything, nothing at all, and take nothing from them. If you deny the demon's the right to have anything of yours, then you can keep more of yourself.

Stop with blasphemy. I am talking about saying things like foul words out of your mouth. You might still deny God, but just keep silent about it for a little while, and look for that evidence of him existing at least this one more time. If you are having what would be called bad luck, then I believe you may see a little bit of a change after following the advice in this article.

Next you want to get rid of all the filthy things in your house. While your house might be nice and clean, maybe even polished, there are some things that allow demons to bring people bad luck. Getting idols out of your house will also get rid of the demons that use them to hurt people. They might just be statues or figurines to you, but the way demon's use them to get dominion and authority over people and their life is real. If you can bring yourself to destroying them and trashing them, then at least seal them up in boxes and put them outside the house. At least long enough to see if my claim in this article speaks the truth. When the idols are removed from the house, you should start to feel the change in the atmosphere, you should start to feel better about your home. All statues, dolls, and even paintings are considered idols by God and demons. Things like dirty magazines, and even dirty pictures on your computer could be used by demon's to have a way to assault you.

Another step is to ask Jesus to become your God, to become your lord. You want to speak the sinners prayer to him. You might have done this in the past, but it would be a good idea to do this again. The sinner prayer, "Lord Jesus, I come to you now. I ask you to become my God, my lord, my savior. I ask you to dwell with me, and clean me, and to guide me into all truth. I ask you to lead me into eternal life, rather than let me fall into eternal death."

Asking a deliverance minster to pray for you can help you stop bad luck. You have to be careful what minister you ask for help, as some of them are false prophets. Some of them do not practice spiritaul warfare, even though they might truly believe in God. You want to find one that is a true believer, and practices spiritual warfare. Tell them about your bad luck. It is OK to only email them, or talk to them on the phone, you do not have visit their church.

With the idols removed from your house, you can try inviting God, inviting Jesus into your house. To do this, you sing him songs, and worship him, glorify him. Ask him to come into your house. He may be there, even if you do not see him. Getting the lord to visit you, will change bad luck into blessings.

Do not believe, well maybe you are one that believes if you see it. Give the tips in this article a try, and see if your luck turns into blessings. When you feel better, and have blessings rather than bad luck, wouldn't that be seeing it for yourself?