Why do people break the law? Is it because of drugs? Is it because they are crazy?

Why are people unlawful, and other people are lawful? Is it because of a mental illness, and brain deformations? Maybe it is because of drugs and alcohol? Well in this article I will explain why mental illness, and drugs are not the cause of unlawful behavior.

First let me talk about gay and lesbians. Are the gay people gay because of a physical malfunction during birth and growth? The answer is no, and it has been proven by doctors that the cause of people being gay is from trained behavior.

The reason people are unlawful, is because of trained behavior. Let me explain why statistics have found that people on drugs are more likely to break the law. The people who are on drugs, are around the people who are anti-government. As a result they are deliberately, and unintentionally trained to rebel against the government. They are trained to misbehave, because the people training them want revenge against the government. Those people are also engineered in such a way that they engineer the other people around them. It is like a human contagious mind disease.

People are also trained to obey the law. The government makes attempts at saving the lives of its citizens by giving them rehabilitation. The drug court programs is one example. Religious christian leaders train the members of their church to obey God's commandments. And God's commandments tell us how to train our-self to have the trained behavior of not just obeying God's word, but also the law of the government.

Satan and the devil are the root cause of all the evil in the world. They put the trained behavior into the people of the earth for the purpose of not just killing the one they trained to rebel against God, but also the people around them. Steal, kill and destroy.

God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as lord, the king of kings, is a start of training oneself to have the trained behavior to becoming lawful.

Being lawful is to preserve and save not just your life, but the lives of the people around you. Being unlawful is being an idiot, and it is at fault for killing not just your life, but the people around you.