Things to trash for a better life.

I have learned some ways to make life better by having less demons, and more of God or Jesus Christ. Everyone's situation is different, but in this article I will explain some things that will help to make your life more successful. It will reduce demons and the evil things in a person's life, and increase the blessings of God.

The first thing that needs to be done is cleaning your house, or room. One of God's commandments is not to have idols. If you have possession of an idol, it gives the demon's a root, and a justified reason with God to attack you, causing you pain and suffering, even death. The idea is to get rid of any statue, and any picture of anything. After getting rid of it, you should notice that your room or house will feel better. Almost like the atmosphere has been cleaned up.

Stop listening to music. Music itself can be very bad for a person's health. It causes the person to subconsciously become aggravated. It allows the demons to produce evil ideas and feelings into an individual or group of people. After stopping with the music, symptoms of relapse will occur. This is the soul, the mind, the brain healing. The person that has stopped with music should begin to feel the difference.

Stop watching television. Television can be very damaging to the soul or mind. Like music it causes evil ideas, and evil feelings. When an individual stops with television long enough, they can later see just how dangerous and evil television is after seeing a preview of it. After the individual has stopped with television, they will have symptom of relapse. Their head will begin to buzz with relief. And the individual's life will begin to feel better.

No more video games. Like television and music, relapse symptoms will occur. And like music and television the individual who has quit long enough, should be able to see why it was a waste of their life. It too provokes evil ideas and feelings.

All of the mentioned evil that people indulge them-self in cause the individual to waste their life. The individual's time is better spent looking for a way to create an income from work, or crafts. It is better spent cleaning and refining the individual's mind. The person become more motivated in their job, and everything else they do. The old people who fought against television and radio when it was first becoming popular where correct. Their opinions should not be ignored or thrown away. Instead, people should give this article a try for at least one month, to test their feelings and mind, to see the difference in having the freedom away from this evil.

Stopping with television, music and video games causes an individual to go into detox. The same symptoms that are involved with chemical detox, are involved with television, radio, music, and video games. And getting rid of idols in an individuals environment, reduces the demons and their deadly assaults.