The news media attacks the United States of America.

What do I mean by saying, that the news media are enemies of the United States of America? I am talking about the major news reporting television stations of the United States. They have been speaking blasphemy about the United States for for as long as I can remember them.

I will use trump as my example. The news media has been speaking evil of this man, trying to defame him long before he rightfully became the president of the United States. They try very hard to make him look like he's an evil man.

The news media is not doing this because of injustice, or because of evil practices that he is doing. They are doing this, painting fictional pictures for the purpose of fulfilling their role as an entertainment business. And it's hurting the United States because of the reputation they are giving the president.

They are not for us, that is with us as American citizens, they are against us. If you do not support the leader of your country, then you are against him. If your against the leader of your country, then you must be in rebellion, a rebel, an enemy. You must support him even if you do not like him and what he does. If you have a problem with him, just make sure not to vote for him next round.

Every time the news media defames and speaks blasphemy about the president, every time they dig up dirt on him to show the world, they are attacking the United States of America.

It would be different if they had a news coverage about something evil he had done. But it would have to be done without opinions being relayed, only telling the people what has happened, and what could result from it. That would not be the same.

At no time has the news media had a news coverage about the godly, good things that he has done for this country. The following two paragraphs ends with a prayer to Jesus Christ, and then the conclusion.

Lord Jesus, I pray that the news media is exposed and proven to be the evil that they are. You said if a person judges another, then what measure the judge with, will be given back to them. I ask for that to be done to the news media, for the dirt to show up on them. For their skirts to be lifted. Just as they have shown the nakedness of hundreds, if not thousands of private individuals from all the world. In Jesus name I pray.

The news media is an entertainment business, and right they attack the United States of America by speaking evil of her president. The owner of the news station uses the news media for more than just an income. It is also used to manipulate and control the decisions that people make.