Differences between Christian and Witch Authority

I heave learned a little about witchcraft, and a good amount of information about christian. I learned about witchcraft from christian preachers and teachers. I have also learned about Christianity from preachers and teachers. In this article I want to layout some differences about the power and authority of the two worlds, light and darkness.

Both christian and witches have authority. The authority that a witch has comes from the Devil, while the authority that a christian has comes from Jesus Christ. The devil is cursed by God to eat man kind all the days of he's life. The devil has only come to steal, kill, and destroy. The devil steal, killing, and destroying is how he eats man kind. With temptations and breaking of the commandments of God, the devil acquires authority and dominion over and individual. The devil also gets authority and dominion when an individual gives the Devil that power over them. Jesus Christ fights the Devil with repentance and forgiveness. Jesus Christ acquires authority and dominion over an individual when that person gives it to Jesus Christ. Even though this is God's way, God still owns all living souls. In the end it is God and Jesus Christ that is the judge over an individual. Satan wants to kill all man kind by having him disobey God, which will bring down God's judgment on that person.

In witch craft a person gains power and authority to command demons, and over people. Witches fight witches for power and control, and have many set rules in their world. They are subject to mistakes and penalties for their actions, and can come into a condition of ruin from the evil world. They also can come into a position of prosperity and dominion. A position which can be challenged by another witch of power for the purpose of controlling all of the world. The witch can only gain control over someone if they give it to them. With Jesus Christ a christian is given authority and power over all of the enemy. This means the christian is given authority over all of Satan and he's minions, that includes all witches. A christian also has authority to command angels of God. Christians do not fight each other for power or control, and are not threatened by other true Christians. In Christianity there is no rank of authority, it all has only one head, Christ Jesus.

In witch craft an individual person can be tricked into believing they have super natural power. The power that I write about is magic, such as telekinesis or telepathy. The way this power really works is by the use of a demon making the object move, or relaying thoughts into the mind of the witch. In Christianity God makes it known that the individual has no super natural power, but the power comes from the lord God almighty.

Witch craft is used for steal, kill and destroy. This is the desire of the Devil. In Christianity the authority is used for salvation, saving, and mercy. If a witch uses their power for good things, those good things will turn into curses. This might not be the desire of the witch, but this is how the Devil works. In Christianity God will do good, and the good is good.

A witch's authority is full of mistakes, and regret when something is done that was not intended. The authority of Jesus Christ is protected by Jesus Christ. The hand of God will not move unless God approves of the intention of the Christian's command. God knows when and how to do all things.

A christian has the highest authority. The least in heaven, is greater than the greatest in hell.