How to earn 24 thousand, or even 48 thousand dollars

Earning twenty four thousand dollars is easy. In this short article I will explain how you can have 24 thousand dollars in 10 years time. I will also explain how you could have 48 thousand dollars in 10 years.

It is easy, all you need is a job and a savings account. If you save 200 dollars a month for 12 months in a year, you will have 2,400 dollars saved per year. In ten years time you will have accumulated 24,000 dollars. This works even better with higher savings. 400 dollars a month will give you 4800 a year, at 48,000 over ten years. Can you afford even more?

what could you get started with 24 thousand dollars? Can you get something started with 48 thousand dollars? What about a small cheap business such as lawn care. You could easily afford the equipment to run a sol proprietorship cutting the grass of your clients. Can you think of some other sol proprietorship businesses you could run?

What about your income tax return? If you put your income tax return into your savings account every year, how much could you have in ten years?

If you earn 1,200 dollars a month, how much could you stuff into your savings account? Stop wasting money on things you do not need, such as high dollar cell phones. Get the prepaid instead. Rather than upgrading your computer every-time new hardware is available, buy used parts. No more excess alcohol, or wasting money on marijuana. Instead save up the money to start a business, and start earning even more money, to be able to save even higher amount of money.