Idol Worship: Santa and Reindeer!

In this article I want to explain why Santa Claus should never be taught to children. I will explain why this is bad for the children, and why God might hate it.

Santa Claus and reindeer are idols. We know that God hates idol worship. Every-time a song is song about reindeer or Santa Claus, they are glorified. If you glorify Santa or reindeer then they are being worshipped. They are being worshipped by children that believe and do not believe in them, as they are excited about receiving the gifts they are supposed to bring them on Christmas day. Children believe in the magical Santa Claus, and even leave him sacrifices of cookies and candy.

This causes children to not believe in God. After believing and becoming disappointed and devastated by the truth, they get the idea that nothing is true, not even God. They then will convince other children that God is not true, by using Santa Claus as an example for their unbelief. This causes people and children to view the belief in God as childish behaviour.

The children need to be raised up with the truth about Santa Claus. They need to know that he does not exist from the very beginning. But they also need to know that God is real. They need to know that Santa Claus is being used as a way for Satan to bring evil unbelief into people all over the world. If they know the truth from the beginning, it will save them from a devastating, traumatising experience. An experience that can cause them to become rebellious. Parents, please do not lie to your children, have their trust by telling them the truth.