Tips for Choosing a Bible to Learn God's Word.

Beginning in as a Christian? When starting out you learn that learning God's word is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, in order to contest Satan and he's minions. The word of God is like a spiritual, two edged sword. Sharp enough to cut soul, body, and bone in half. In this article I want to choose which bible you use to learn God's word, and I want to give my reason for choosing it.

What ever print, what ever publisher you choose, only get the KJV (King James Version). This of course is when you are a English speaker, and English reader. Even though I cannot recommended the version in other languages, this article will give an important hint when choosing a bible to learn from.

The reason we only choose the King James Version, is because of the perversion of the parables and meaning of those parables that has taken place with not so true translations. Unless you are using the King James Version, you will not have a precise translation of the parables. The meaning is perverted as a result. The New King James Version is one of those perversions. Even though I have learned that the New King James version contains pieces inside that where excluded from the King James Version, I will take the advice from my elders and only use the King James Version.

If you are seasoned and understand the word of God well, then an ordinary bible might be good enough. But when you are starting to learn the word of God for the first time, then I highly recommend a study bible. The foot notes explain key words and phrases in the King James Version that make it more understandable. As a result learning from a study bible is a more powerful experience.

If your church leader is a deliverance minister, who does deliverance in the name of Jesus, then I recommended having that leader look at your bible and verify if it is valid, to find out if that bible tells the truth. Only stick with the King James Version, and get a study bible version.