Optimistic is good, Pessimistic is evil.

In this article I will talk about the differences between optimistic, and pessimistic. I have lived first as pessimistic, and then optimistic.

As pessimistic you tear yourself down. Pessimistic is having a bad life style. Pessimistic always hurts you, it always de-buffs you. Pessimistic makes you feel worthless and defeated. Pessimistic steals your hope, your life away from you. Pessimisitc has caused people to kill themself. And pessimistic causes destruction of the things and people around you. Pessimistic is a thief, as it steals your life from you. A life you good have had if you where optimistic instead. Pessimistic is a liar, murderer, and destroyer. Pessimistic is evil.

As optimistic you build your self up. You have hope, love, and peace. When optimistic you feel good, and feel safe. Optimistic always helps you, and allows you to cope with everyday problems. When optimistic, problems can be solved in a way that cannot be done when pessimistic. Optimistic tells the truth, saves your life, and constructs. Optimistic is good.

If you continue to live a life as a pessimistic, then you are an idiot. If you choose to have the cure from pessimistic, and become optimistic, then you are smart. Being smart is good, and being an idiot is evil. Choose good and become valuable, rather than choosing pessimistic, and becoming consumed by evil.

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