How to have Heaven on Earth.

In this article I want to talk about having heaven on earth. How is it possible, how can things be almost perfect that we would be living in a paradise?

The only thing we need to acquire a perfect life for everyone on the earth, is to behave. If everyone would behave them-self we would not have crime. Their would be no murder, theft or rape. If the people of the earth would cooperate they would be able to acquire almost perfect peace and harmony. We could have better space technology. We could all have one wife/husband each. We all could have stress-less lives.

We might have been able to have had the technology to extend the life of the human body. We could have found a better fuel source, we could have better living arrangements. We could have a work-less life style, even though progress still happens. Everyone would love their life.

We would never need a key to start a vehicle. We could walk into a store without cashiers, and deposit the money into a jar and walk out with our goods. Because of our robots, we would never work again, except for our hobbies and interests. People would have spent a great time learning about new things, and making discoveries. Rather than have antagonist, we would have all allies. Everyone would build up, not tear down. There would be no arguments in the home, and no arguments in the work. Our government's money would be spent into medical care and science, rather than warfare and police officers. We would never have to fear rape, or murder. Nothing would need to be locked. We could borrow just about any item that we would ever need, and might even do so without asking.

There is a lot more we could have if the people on the earth would only behave them-self. If they would cooperate for a heavenly life, we could have things we never dreamed of, and things we have dreamed of. Everyone on the earth could have an almost perfect life, if they would behave.

It is simple to have heaven on earth, it is right in front of us. All we have to do is obey God's commandments. We could then have everything we want.