Pro gangster or anti gangster, pro crime or anti crime.

In this article I want to complain about the social engineering society has had, and what it has done to the people here in the United States of America.

Gangsters have social engineered the people around them into being either pro gangster, or passive. They have engineered people into bowing their head and keeping quite. They do this with threats, rewards, morals and beliefs. They have done this so they can commit murder, and get away with it.

They have people scared to say anything, scared to call the police. The people are in fear of their life. The gangsters will look for people who have made police reports, or have said things about the crime they have seen. They will then either threaten them, or kill them. Torturing them and forcing a drug on them such as heroin. They will rape them and make them pregnant. They even make false allegations against the people who they are victimizing so that the people who see it believe it is justified. All of those things they will do any-ways, it doesn’t matter if it was justified or not.

The people have been given the morals and belief that it is wrong to tell on someone. That it is a crime to make reports about people breaking the law. One way they have done this is to have their own children raised up with the belief, and teach that child how to spread the word. I believe they are still active in the school systems today. The people will also get rewarded for giving tips about people who have reported crimes. They can get rewarded with sex and drugs.

They make the people believe they are guilty of murder for making police reports. But I am going to tell you, it is not the person who made the report that is guilty of killing the person who was put in prison or executed. If you keep your mouth shut and do not say anything about the criminal, then you are by God's standard, an accomplice to the crimes committed. But if you report them, then you have become anti murder, anti theft, anti rape, and etc.

Some police departments have been inadvertently been pro gangster. They have had bad attitudes toward the people who make reports. This has caused discouragement about people who are obeying the law, by placing phone calls to he police to file reports about a crime they have seen. They will also sniff or probe the individual who is making the crime report, for any reason they can arrest the witness. My advise is to not kill the messenger. If an individual makes reports about crime, they should be able to do it safely. The police could catch a lot of criminals this way. The impression I get from this act, is that the police are saying, "and your not perfect either, so we are taking you to jail also."

It doesn’t matter if we make reports are keep our mouth shut. The gangsters will still rape us, kill us, and steal from us. They are evil and guided by the devil. And the devil has only come to steal, kill and destroy.