God cannot fogive me, because of what I did?

Many people believe that they have committed a sin, or sins that cannot be forgiven by Jesus Christ. In this article I will point out the word of God found in the holy bible, which proves that any sin can be forgiven. All the individual needs to do is repent, and accept Jesus Christ as their God.

Mark 3:28;"Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:" As you can see in Mark 3:28, all sins shall be forgiven, and all blasphemies shall be forgiven. This is because Jesus Christ suffered the punishment for all sins when he died on the cross.

Some people disagree with the way God has given us salvation. They say it is not right for another to take the punishment for another’s crime. What you need to know is that God's judgements are righteous and just. You might not understand how Jesus Christ can forgive your sins because of him taking the punishment on the cross, but that is what the truth is. God has made it this way.

Satan is the root of all evil. He is behind all the sinful things human beings do. It is Satan and the demons who cannot be saved, who cannot have forgiveness. They are pure evil, and have no good in them.

A human can make the decision to do righteous deeds. He is able to do the right thing, even though is evil, is not pure evil but has good. While he's heart is evil, a heart of flesh, he can acquire a spiritual heart, one that God can give him. That is done with the acceptance of Jesus Christ, repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as he's lord and saviour.

An individual first needs to repent, then accept Jesus Christ as their God, as their king, as their lord, as their saviour. They then need to get first baptised by water, and finally baptised by the holy spirit.

"Lord Jesus, I come to you now. I repent from wicked and evil, and ask you Jesus Christ to be my God. I ask you to forgive me for my sins. I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me, or hurt the people I love. And I also forgive myself. Please forgive me as I have forgiven them. I ask you lord Jesus to come into my heart, to give me the holy spirit."

After becoming a child of God, pray to Jesus Christ for all things. Ask Jesus to guide you to a church, a church filled with the holy spirit. Ask Jesus for someone to baptise you by both water and the spirit. Ask Jesus to reveal the word of god to you, ask him for wisdom and knowledge. Then read the holy bible, and it is advised to stick with the King James Version.