Spiritual Warfare: Think not feel.

I have been in a spiritual war for about 8 years. In that war I had to learn how to act, and think without my feelings. Obeying your feelings rather than by going by what you know, or what is acceptable with God, can cause you to fall.

Love is not the feeling of affection you have for someone. Love is the act of doing good things for an individual. You can love someone that you are angry with, you can love someone who you are scared of, you can love someone you would rather see suffer. As children of God, we are to love one another.

The devils would give false feelings in the heart. They put those feelings in the heart in an effort to convert the individual to evil. These feelings must be ignored, we must not give into evil, but give into good. Only obey the lord, bypassing, ignoring, and dismissing the feelings. When this temptation of evil comes onto you, praising the lord Jesus can help deliver.

Remember God's promise, serve God, have God as your lord, acquire internal life, disobey God, go to hell. Both of these things are God's promise. You have to do, and act, rather than feel. Keep on reaching for Jesus, and he will deliver you from evil feelings.