Having Pity on Demons and Satan

In this article I am going to give a testimony about myself. It is a brief testimony without going into detail, as the testimony talks about an event that took place over 3 years time.

I was reading the bible, and read about the prophecy of the end of Satan. It talked about how he was going to be tormented for ever and ever. I felt sorry for him, and disobeyed the commandment that Jesus gave of not having pity on demons. I prayed to God, I prayed to him to at least ease the pain of the evil he was going to do. A demon invaded my home and I prayed and lead it into the sinners prayer. Again I broke a commandment about having pity on demons. The bible says, that demons cannot be saved. Know that God's judgements are righteous and just. God said they cannot be saved and will be tormented in hell forever and ever, God's judgement on this, is justified.

The demons used this pity to take more than just a field from me. They almost lead me into eternal damnation. Little by little I left God, and left Jesus. More and more I become filled with false doctrines, and filled with the disobedience to God. Made to be more and more evil by every minute.

If it hadn’t been for the word of God I had learned, I would not have suddenly turned against the demons. When the demons where talking to me, we started talking about Jesus Christ and he's word. I then realized what was really happening. I realized that the demons only come to steal, kill, and destroy. I remembered that Jesus was telling the truth. I realized that the demons where my eternal enemies, no matter who's side I was on. I then realized that I needed to immediately repent, and call on Jesus Christ for forgiveness, and to ask him for he's angels. Jesus forgave me, and has been delivering me from them more and more every day. The prodigal son.

The lesson I learned the hard way, was to never have pity on demons, and especially the wicked one. That when I see the wicked and evil burning in hell, when I am in heaven looking down, I will be comforted in my heart over their death.

The ones we are to have mercy on are the people that are being abused, and tricked by the demons. We are also to have mercy on all man kind. Keep in mind that some people are fully aware of their sinful consequence. They are fully aware that they are going to burn in hell fire, and they will have no rest. They are also fully aware that the devil hates them, and only wants to devour them. They still rebell against God and help Satan to fulfil he's evil desire for man.

God takes no pleasure in no man death, we are to have mercy on all man. You have been warned about the breaking of this commandment, do not have pity on demons, they cannot be saved. God's judgements are righteous and just. It is right, it is correct that they burn in hell for eternity without a moments rest. If you choose Jesus Christ and then make your journey to heaven, you will see the wicked and evil deeds of the dead, and be comforted in your heart over their death.