There is physical proof of the existence of God and Jesus.

There is evidence that proves Jesus Christ is the real thing, and that there really is a God. I am not going to link to any content, but leave that up to your own searching.

The first evidence I want to show, is the artifacts that have been found. A big deposit of artifacts that proves that the bible speaks the truth, is found in the sea. In the Red Sea an an expedition discovered a long string of chariots and weapons at the bottom. These old weapons of war can be found going all the way across the red sea. According to the research that was done on the formation of the Red Sea and the sea bottom, a high wind could make the sea part in two revealing the sea bottom. This discovery is proof that Israel crossed the Red Sea after God parted the waters.

Another artifact that was discovered was Noe's Ark. The ark itself has been found on the side of a mountain, in a mountain region. It is over one thousand miles away from the sea. The petrified ship that was found matches the size recorded in the scriptures of the holy bible. The ship was discovered in 1960's, and there is now a recreational park where visitors can come and see it. The ship is big enough that it can be seen on google maps.

The holy staff that Moses used was found in a grave. It has the symbols that are recorded in the bible, along with the inscription. Carbon testing reveals it's the correct age. It currently sits in a museum in America.

There was many witnesses who saw Jesus and the miracles he performed. A lot of those witnesses recorded the events in letters that where written to one another. Some of those letters have been recovered, documented and preserved. They prove that Jesus did in fact perform the miracles that are written in the holy bible.

Besides the old letters from the time of Jesus, there have been millions of witnesses that testified of Jesus and the powers of God. There are people who testify of him today, and give witness of him. They even prove it with the signs that have been given to them for that purpose. They cast out devil's, and heal the sick. This article is one of those testimonies.