Tips for beginner Christians in spiritual warfare

I have learned spiritual warfare from deliverance minsters and also God. Currently I rate myself at novice or rookie level in spiritual warfare. Even though I am still new as of 2015, I want to share some things I have learned.

The first tip I want to share, is about God's love. When dealing curses and attacks back onto the witch or Satanic person, always remember that God loves them. The offer of salvation, God's promise of eternal life is available for them just as you. Jesus died for all sinners. Matthew 10:16;"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

The second tip I want to share, is about mercy and forgiveness. In order for us to have God's mercy, and the blessings he wants to give us, we must repent from sinful ways, and ask Jesus to forgive us. We must also forgive others for trespassing against us, when we do, God will have mercy on us.

The third tip I want to share, is to always give God the glory praise and honour. Do not take credit for the answered prayers, or for the enemies defeat. The glory praise and honour belongs to Jesus Christ. When fighting someone who is attacking you by the powers of Satan, demonstrate that Jesus is more powerful, and make it evident that it was Jesus Christ who answered the prayers.

The fourth tip I want to share, is to give them mercy. When you ask God for a power against them, to destroy their works, do it so that they have a chance to turn into a child of God. God takes no pleasure in a man's death, and the offer of Jesus Christ is for all sinners.

The fifth tip I want to share, is to give Jesus praise. Thank him for answering your prayers, delcare that you give him the glory praise and honour. Sing to Jesus Christ, sing a proverb or hymn to him. Sing in the prayer language of the holy ghost.

The sixth tip I want to share, is to have faith in God. Know that God's power is limitless. God's power can be represented by mathematics, in that there is no possible maximum integer. You must know that God can do all things, that there is nothing that he cannot do. If you pray for something and it fails, well know that God's judgements are righteous and just. Sometimes he has a different plan, or it's not time yet. Sometimes he will do it, but it could be at a later time. If you do not have faith in God, or do not believe he can do it, then failure is a much higher chance. Know that God will sometimes do it, even if the prayer comes from faithlessness. God is not bound by rules or laws, he owns all.

For the seventh tip, which has helped me through some hard things. Ask Jesus to send angels to help you. Ask Jesus to send angels to intervene. Ask for the angels to catch and arrest the demons and have them sent to Jesus for judgment. And ask Jesus to help you, to intervene in your fight. You can ask Jesus to return the attack for you.

An eigth tip I want to give, is to always put your faith in Jesus Christ. You must depend only on Jesus. Do not depend on your faith, or anything else, but only put your trust in Jesus. By putting your trust in Jesus you put your trust in God.

For a ninth tip when having feelings of uncertainity, or fear. You can say one of the following or something like it; "I plead the blood of Jesus Christ." "I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ." "I plead the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed and made as a sacrifice by him on the cross for my forgiveness, by the commandment of God."

When the ninth tip happens, it could mean that a demon called leviathan is attacking you. Ask Jesus to send angels to arrest all the demons that are attacking you, and for those demons to be judged.

There is more to learn about the power of God, but I wanted to share some of these beginner tips.