There is no reason to fear a fallen angel

There is some common fear with some people over the idea that a fallen angel might be of terrible evil power. It is understandable why people would fear a fallen angel more than a demon. Knowing that an angel is powerful creation of the lord God almighty, it would arouse fear of them. In this article I will explain why a fallen angel is no more powerful than Satan.

First let me explain where the power of angel comes from. An angel is ordained, blessed, and given authority by God. Because they are with God, and serve God, God will move he's power through the angel. It is the same with the children of God, they have no power in them-self, but the power they use comes from God. He only moves that power through the individual who has God's blessing to use that specific authority.

Now let me explain why an angel is not powerful any-more. When the angel rebelled against, turning away from God, that angel will no longer have God's blessing. God no longer moves he's power through the former angel. The angel is a fallen angel, an angel that was deceived by Satan into embracing evil or sin. The angel is now a demon. Any authority that the fallen angel has comes from Satan, and it's the demons that work to fulfill the fallen angel's command. They no longer have the power of God, and must fake their super natural powers.

A child of God, a Christian has authority over all of the enemy. A child of God can command the Devil, Satan and all the demons. Because the authority is the name of Jesus Christ, they have to obey. A child of God can send a fallen angel into hell, by asking Jesus to arrest and judge the demon.

God will always remain the most powerful. Trying to defeat God is like trying to deny the laws of phsyics, it is impossible. A fallen angel will tell lies and resist. They are still under the feet of Jesus, it doesn't matter how much authority or power was given to them of Satan.

A fallen angel is not an angel. An angel is a messenger of God, but the fallen angel no longer serves God. They should not be feared no more than the least of demons. If attacked or confronted by a fallen angel, then use the authority of Jesus Christ to deal with it. Ask God to send angels to either repel it, or have it arrested and judged.