The 3 or 9 Excercise, is easy Calorie Burn.

The 3 or 9 exercise. In this article I will quickly explain how the 3 or 9 exercise is done. If loosing weight, it should be combined with diet. It is not meant for endurance or strength training, but for calories usage.

The 3 or 9 exercise is simple. Lets say I choose 3 minutes. For 3 minutes each hour, I will do an exercise. It might be shadow boxing, a walk, a jog, or aerobics. Something that I want to do for 3 minutes. Then, for each hour of an 8 hour day, I do an exercise.

This is why it works for calories. 3 minutes times 8 sessions equals 24 total minutes. That would give me 24 easy workout during each day of the month.

Those minutes really stack up. If it was 6 minutes every hour for 8 hours, then it would yield a total of 48 minutes. 6 minutes is quick and easy.

Although the calories are lost, the muscle system is not torn up over a small period with long rest. However, this does depend on the exercise you do. Can you tear up your muscle in 3 minutes? For this 3 minutes per day would be all that is needed.

I focus on calories, so I have been doing shadow boxing. It's great for the mental health too. My arms do get torn up at the end of the day, but it's light. Currently, I use the 9 minutes every hour for 8 hours. That gives me 72 minute exercise each day. At my current body weight, it gives me 6.5 pounds per month in exercise fat loss. According to the MET count.

The 3 minute or 9 minute does not have to be followed exactly. It can be 5 minutes, or 20 minutes. It does not have to be for 8 hours either, it can be 4 hours, or 2 hours. And it can be based on a different time block rather than an hour, such as 1 minute every 15 minutes.

The 3 or 9 exercise is easy and light, but burns lots of calories.