Solution for the problem of the over drawn United States budget

In this article I want to explain the problem, and also solution to the United States deficit.

The government spends more than it earns. It make up for the amount of money that spends, it draws from a credit line. How can any man who works a 8-5 day job, survive if he spends more than he earns? He cannot make it, and the collection agencies are going to put him in jail for not having the money for the bills. That is what the government is doing, they are spending more than they earn. They then grab the credit card and spend even more.

Every knew president that takes office, grabs the credit card like a criminal who has gotten hold of someone's credit card. They take off on a spending spree, buying what ever pleases their flesh. They add onto the services that America only has by subscribing America to even more services and luxuries. If a man was earning 1,800 USD a month, then purchased a pool, went to expensive restaurants, spends time in bars, buy alcohol or drugs, orders highest speed internet with as many cable tv stations, gets the most expensive vehicle, buys something like an RV, who could end up spending more per month than he earns. Not only does he buy all these unnecessary luxuries, he allows he's kids to steal the credit card, and spend it on what ever they desire. And then for every knew child, the habbit continues, and also increases.

The American government treats the US treasury in this same way, spending in an unmanaged, out of control manner. If we want the American devceit to degrease instead of increasing, if we ever plan on paying off the collection agencies, then we must spend less than what we earn. Spending less than we earn is the solution to the American government's deficient. Because the American government has spend so much money, it is going to very long time before America is out of the trouble she got herself into. When the government has to make spending cuts, it always chooses people to cut out. That means she stops supplying food for her children, in an effort to keep all of her subscriptions, such as cable TV, the RV, her new camping trip, the casino or her drugs.

The American government handles the budget like a person who has fallen into the drug trap spends money. They spend all their money on the drugs rather than feeding their children. They will then draw as much credit as they can suck out of the system, before going to jail for the fraud and unpaid bills.