How to compete against the big time factories in the cloth industry.

How is it possible to make money in the cloths industry? The big time factories get the best prices for fiber. They sometimes only sell with 1 cent profit on their items. How can an individual hope to make it when the economy has been rigged the way it is?

There is a way. Before you try it, know that I have not tested this method. You must use discernment. You might need to refine this method to make it work, if it's possible. One should count the cost and do research before doing any business, to see if a profit is possible.

Grow your own fiber! Silk worms, sheep and even alpacas can be acquired for the purpose of growing wool and silk. This is the lowest price you can get for fiber. Unless the competition is loosing profit on their sells, you should be able to compete. The cost of producing the fiber this way is the cost of feed.

Other than silk and wool, there is also cotton and flax. Growing these plants can be done in a small yard. They also can be controlled by putting them in pots. There is a cost for growing plants too, so this the cost should be counted.

The cost of growing the fiber, no matter how low the cost, should be calculated against selling point of that fiber. Not to mention taxes and regulations.

There is also the cost of tools. If one was to make a farm for fiber, they should consider the cost of tools used for that fiber, against the selling point of the fiber, to see if the profit if any, is worth it.

Count the cost before you begin a project. I believe that by growing one's own fiber, it would be possible for an individual to make and sell cloths while being able to compete with the competition, the big man factories.