It is physically possible for God to exist.

It is physically possible for God to exist. In this article I will explain that it is possible for him to exist, why he can exist. I will also explain how science proves he can exist.

Scientist believe that one day it could be possible to have technology advanced enough that we can manipulate energy itself. It's possible, that if technology was advanced enough, we could see into the future by running a computer simulation.

The reading of people's minds, teleportation, energy into matter, matter into energy, instant healing. All that could be possible if technology was advanced enough.

God is omnipresent, that means he has more than one mind running together as one. He posses all wisdom and knowledge. He is able to use energy and matter as if it was part of he's body.

If technology can do this with energy, then a super being can do it naturally too, it means it's physically possible to exist.

We know God exists because of the millions of witnesses. And there was thousands of people who saw people dead for days, then living again, by the hand of Jesus Christ. Thousands of people who where sick and then healed by Jesus Christ.