A secret from rich people, to not getting scammed.

I learned a secret in my youth from people who are rich. The secret will save a man money, keeping the man safe from scams. I have used this secret though out my life. I know this technique is very valuable to have. It will not make a man rich, but it will allow a man to have more money, by preventing him from loosing it.

The world is crazy about money. Every where you go, everyone is after money. And not just any money, but your money. The goal of the game is to get money. Everything they do, everything they say is for the purpose of taking your money.

So it's simple and easy. If it's anything that involves taking money from you, then deny it. Do not give anyone your money. If in any way at all, the thing requires taking money from you, then it's a trick. It's a scam if you give money for it.

I am not going to give away my money. That would be a waste of money. It's no better than throwing it in the trash. Besides, I would rather set fire to my money then give it away to someone. Someone that is trying to consume me.

So as you see it's simple, never give anyone your money. That is the a secret that rich people use, to prevent from getting scammed.