The secret to immortality, how to get it?

I really do not have much to explain about it. But Jesus Christ gave us the secret to having immortality. This is of course, that the body must first die one time. Then after this, resurrected.

Jesus did a great number of miracles to prove he had the power for eternal life. He healed people of problems that could not be healed any other way. He even resurrected people from the dead. One person he resurrected, had been dead for days and was stinking.

He did these things in plain site. The scientist like minds that witnessed him wrote letters to one another saying things like, "If I had not seen it with my own eyes." Thousands of people witnessed what he did.

Millions of people have learned the secret of eternal life from Jesus. Millions, even billions of people learned the secret, and have done it.

The secret is recorded in the Holy Bible. Here in America, the English bible is called the King James. There are other English bibles, but they have been proven to be distorted meanings.

The secret to having immortality, eternal life, is to confess to Jesus that you have been a sinner. Next confessing to Jesus that you will not do evil anymore, but will do good. Then Asking Jesus to be your God, to be your lord, and to be your savior.

Jesus can hear everyone, at anytime. He also knows a persons mental thoughts. You don't have to speak out loud. Although in prayer, speaking out loud can help edify the prayer. Jesus is Omani present, as he is a God.

The prayer is called the sinners prayer. By doing this, and keeping away from evil and doing good, one will be resurrected. The resurrection is coming, but could be long time from now.