Basil leaves could be better Medicine than Marijuana.

Is basil a better medicine than marijuana? It could be but research must be done on it. Basil is known as a cooking spice. A seasoning for sauce and food. Marijuana is known for a recreational drug. This article is not a recommendation for medicine. It's only information about basil being a better medicine than marijuana. You would need a doctor tell you if you should use basil.

Basil contains chemicals similar to the chemicals found in marijuana. They are not the same thing, but similar. These chemicals are called cannaboids.

Basil can fight the same problems that marijuana can fight. However there is less research done on basil than marijuana. The reason no research gets done on basil, is because of the lack of profit for doing it. Anyone can grow basil. It's one of the cheapest spices that anyone can pickup at the grocery store.

Basil can be smoked just like marijuana. Just like marijuana, it's believed to reverse lung damage caused by smoking.

Basil reduces anxiety. Marijuana does the same thing, except it has produces anxiety as a side effect. Basil does not produce anxiety as a side effect.

Can basil fight seizures? Can it fight diabetes? Will it help with loosing weight? Does basil reverse damage caused by smoking? Will it work for asthma? Research has to be done. Anyone can do tests, but it takes millions of dollars to make it trust worthy.

Just like marijuana, the whole plant must be used to get the full medicine. Having said that, it might be even better to mix basil with marijuana. The two plants working together might be better. And it's also possible, that CDB oil could be enhanced by mixing it with basil. That's because it might be possible for the basil to contain the missing parts that marijuana has.

I am not giving advice on using basil, only telling you that basil could be better than marijuana for the same things. I personal use basil by smoking it. It has reduced my anxiety so much, that I feel normal some times. And it's long lasting, I only need to take the basil once a day.