Professionals at unbelief.

Professionals at unbelief? Just like people are professionals at mathematics, or even English, people are professionals at unbelief. These people struggle, fight, and do what ever it takes to not believe.

Becoming a professional of unbelief comes from the devil. Being a professional at unbelief is a fight against God, and he's son Jesus Christ.

To be a professional at unbelief, one must always deny the truth. This often times has to be done with telling lies. Not only does the unbelief practitioner lie, they deceive them-self.

Even when the truth manifests in front of them, they will always find some way to deny that truth. They will not only lie about it, but they will also deceive them-self to deny that truth.

There is some who are professionals at unbelief, who lie, without deceiving them-self. They are sometimes called master minds (old terminology). They lie to people, training them in the arts of unbelief while calling the truth a lie. Training the duped mind into deceiving itself.

It's a war against good and evil. A war against God and Satan. The idea of being able to defeat the only God, is crazy. Some say they have no intention of defeating God and know they are going to hell for their works. Some of them say they are ready for the eternity of torment that awaits them.

A professional of unbelief is a lier. They know God is real, but do what ever they can do to remain in unbelief.

This article is ended with a scripture found in the King James version of the English bible. Second Corinthians, four, four.