A Prophecy about America's Possible Future Judgement: Train.

I could be wrong, but I do believe this wisdom I received came from God. I am not familiar with the gift of wisdom and have only read how it manifests. I do know how to test the spirit to see if it's from God. The visions came to me in December 2016.

While I was partially sleeping on my bed, I started seeing images in my mind. When I would see the image I would then perceive what it means in a natural way.

I can only recall one of the images that I seen. What I perceived from the images was that America was going to ask God for forgiveness and mercy, because America was guilty of blood. I then perceived that God would be hard on America. The last image represented to me that America has put her trust in technology. I also seen that the technology is old but advanced.

The last image is the only one I can remember, it was a sophisticated steam train. Looked like it was made out of old bronze.

Will America ask for mercy? I do not know. I do know that America is guilty of blood, and that she truly has put her trust into technology. Both of these would cause God to be angry. My pastor at miracle out reach ministries said that God told her, that is is angry with America. She has been saying that she believes judgement is coming to America.

The wisdom I received certainly lines with the bible, I just do not know if it truly has come from God. Please forgive me if I have been deceived.