The great world revival and earth's judgement.

The great revival is expected to come into the whole world. I have heard that at least fifty percent of the world will turn towards Jesus Christ. I have also heard that it will be the last before the judgement.

In the book of malachi the prophecy spoken describes the current generation. The current evil matches the evil happening in malachi. It's true that the current evil also matches the many other books. The reason I want to pay attention to malachi, is because God said that he will first send he's prophet to tell the people to repent. Then after the call, judgement.

That judgement is seen through in all the books of the old testiment. First the call, then judgement. The great revival that the church is expecting is no different. God's prophet is going to come and show signs and wonders. He will work miracles before the people. Then after this, judgement is going to happen to those who would not turn to God.

Many church leaders are expecting God to send for the great revival. And they expect to see it in their life time. One church leader has told me that God spoke to her, and told her that she will see it. She is over 80 years old now.