What causes people to become obese? Is it being lazy or from eating?

There are two things that I know that cause people to get fatter than they should. The first thing I will talk about is the type of food intake. Then I will talk about calories.

First, the type of food people are eating is part of the problem that makes them fat. Eating mostly sugars such as bread and candy is not only going too clog arteries, but also make them fat. A diet of meat, cheese and vegetables is more healthy and less fattening. When eating meat about 25% of calories are consumed digesting it. So even though meat is high in calories, 25% is burned up taking it in. And the meat, cheese, and vegetables contain protein and vitamins. Vegetables contain fiber which I know is important for a healthy colon. The sugary foods such as bread and candy, do not have what we need unless it's been infused. When they are infused they are lacking the needed quantity, and still contain enough sugar to make it the same as cake.

Now I will talk about calories. When I started counting calories for the first time, I discovered that some of the foods I was eating contained well over one thousand calories for each meal. The daily basic average allowance is two thousand calories. Now when you take in three of those meals with snacks, the calories can be doubled, easy. My solution to this problem is to change what I eat. Some brands of food for the same food item will have many less calories for the same portion. They might cost more however. Some foods had to be avoided because of the number of calories. Why do these foods have all those calories? Sugar, they are using sugar as a main spice in them. The food industries cooking and food is so bad, they have to put sugar in the food. Not only did I reduce the number of calories, I reduced my risk for clogged artery. I am loosing weight because of counting calories.

So there are two things causing obesity. Sugar and too many calories. A person can eat a decent amount of food as long as the calories are kept down in range. Every person has a different calorie requirement. There are calculators that can tell you the calorie need. It might need to adjust after loosing some weight.