My review of having had a family member work at Publix.

This is a quick review about having had a family member work at Publix super market in Fernandina Beach Florida. This review is specific to that store. At the time of writing this review the staff might have already been changed as a result of retirement. I will refer to the family member by the name of Gena. This is a fictional name. This review is taking place in 2018.

Gena worked at Publix for over 10 years. It might have been 20 years working time. During the time Gena worked for Publix contention was a problem at home. The cause was not known. I had assumed it was a result of her gender.

After she retired and no longer had to work, the contention continued. For the next 7 years the contention grew worse and worse. Gena's contention was so bad, that she became dangerous to be around.

I finally discovered that the root cause was pride. She was filled with pride caused by delusions given to her by the Publix staff. Her pride was so bad that she literally became dangerous.

I found out that Gena believed she was smarter than everyone. She believed that everyone was of a lower intelligence. Having this idea made her a threat to the lives of the people around her.

She is dangerous, because it makes her violent. It makes her wave a staff at people and spit out all kinds of insults about everyone. The bible calls her a fool. The only answer I can find in the bible about this problem, is to use a rod.