Why are we too bless and curse not, what about the attacks? Christian!

Why are we to bless our enemies rather than curse them? One mistake Christians have been trained to do is return curses back on the sender. This also should not be practiced. It was never done by Jesus, even when he had multitude of demons coming at him.

When we bless are enemies, we are asking God to give them good things. And good things is what they get. It could be wisdom and knowledge for their good. We didn't offend them, by cursing them. We did not attack them. One day, that person could become a christian. What will it be, knowing that you cursed and assaulted that person. But no, we didn't curse them, we blessed them. But what about the demons making the attack? When we bless our enemies God will heap hot goals of fire on their head. God will do something with the attackers when we bless the enemy making the attack. I tested this many times before writing this article.

Another reason to bless and curse not, is because the person will be less willing to accept Jesus as their Lord if Jesus attacked them. Having the idea that Jesus sent such horrible demonic attacks against me, makes me less willing to become a Christian.

Yet another reason to bless and curse not, is because the attack could be old. If the person who sent the demons had repented and turned into a christian long ago, it would be the same as attacking the body of Christ to send them back. A christian would default on this idea, and say that God will only attack them if they are enemies. Well the devil is listening to your prayers too, and the devil can answer them, and answer them in the name of God. We you ask God to send the demons back, you are putting your will into a curse on that person. The devil will always answer a prayer of curse. It's for your destruction.

Here is another reason for not returning or cursing people, and blessing them only. If they are not your enemy, if they are your friend, then a blessing is what you have given them. No curse. Like I already said, the devil will answer your ill prayers, and it would be done in the name of Jesus.

There is more to blessing rather than cursing than what I have said. For that wisdom you should seek God. Maybe someone else can tell you.

It's God's commandment to bless and curse not. Returning the curse or demons on the sender is cursing them. We never know if they will become Christians one day. It could even be possible that returning the curses would kill them before their time. It could also prevent them from joining Jesus Christ because of bitterness, or the example the Christian in error has demonstrated.

We have to be wise as serpents, but gentle as sheep.