Paid videos versus free videos.

Paid videos versus free videos. I will explain why paid videos are better than the free videos, and how sometimes a free video is better.

The first thing I want to say, is that some paid videos are no better than free videos. This is because the person who made the video is not a teacher. Never even read a book on teaching. It's obvious when one lesson or subject takes 2 hours, and the person in the video says the same thing over and over again.

Finding good quality paid videos can be hard, but fortunately, those some teachers will give some free videos on the same topic. This gives an idea if the person knows how to teach, and if they use modern teaching methods.

So why paid when there are so many free videos? Because of the quality of your education. The free videos are put together by people who know nothing about teaching, and who might only be looking to promote a product they are trying to sell.

Sometimes the person knows how to teach, but is a beginner on the topic. This can mess up your skill, or certain parts of your skill could be messed up.

The paid videos are done by people who have an education in teaching, and also have done the topic as their profession. Their work is good enough that they literally earned a living doing it. They then create a video that teaches how they do it. Because of the value of their video because of their skill and wisdom, they sell the video, it's worth money.

It's worth buying it if the price is not high. Remember, these videos are going to be sold in massive numbers.

How can I know if the person that made a video is a good teacher, and is good at the skill? You will have to do some research on that. Do not just take their word for it, find out. If you cannot find any information on them, then you might be careful.

There is lots of competition, we can afford to be picky.