It only takes Three Days to stop Tobacco Addiction.

I have quit about 4 different times, and each time it only took 3 days to stop the withdrawal. The evil thing will still try to come back, but not because of addiction. It tries to come back because of temptation.

Sure it sounds easy right now? Three days and your done with tobacco. But no really, have you ever done that. Each day is worse than the day before it. The third day is so bad, that men are crawling on the ground looking for tobacco pieces to build up into a puff of smoke. The withdrawal is so bad that on the third day a man is walking on the side of the road trying to find some discarded tobacco there. And finds it, if it's not been weathered too badly, he then will smoke it. He does this even though he knows he can get very sick from it.

Yes he knows that it only takes three days. But can he do it? It's one of the hardest, most difficult things I have done in my life. I have suffered great many things in my life, and tobacco was very bad.

But yes, it's true, if you can make it three days, then it's over. I will liken it as a man who is set on fire. The fire and burning flesh gets worse each day until the third day, when the fuel runs out. The whole time he's burning he has a way to put the flames out.

What did it feel like to get rid of tobacco? It was like a hole was in my head. It was like a giant wasp was stuck in my head and then left. It felt wonderful, it felt really good. It was better feeling than what the tobacco offers. I knew when I was intoxicated with relief, that I was feeling normal. I knew the addiction was gone too. It was victory after fighting a terrible enemy.

One secret to defeating him, is to sleep through the worst parts of the addiction. It's worth stopping work to take the time to stop smoking tobacco. This is because tobacco will kill you with it's poison.