How to solve all of the problems in the United States with one thing.

The solution to the problems in the United States is easy. First I want to explain what problems I am talking about that need to be fixed. After I am done with that I will tell what my solution is and how it works.

One problem that need to be fixed is the high and uneven tax rates. A second problem that needs to be fixed is the strict regulation and rules the government has put on the people. And yet another problem is the fact that the government of the United States has been turning the American people's children into scapegoats. And even yet another problem is the government decides what people can and cannot have, rather than letting the people decide. The last problem I was mention, is the fact that the government passes laws for the purpose of getting revenge against people.

The reason these problem exists, is because the people running the country are not with God. They are not with Jesus Christ. This means they are not only evil, but they indulge in evil. Things like revenge and theft, even murder. Do we really need so many wars?

If we take the country away from the devil, and give it too God, then we can have our problems fixed. It will not happen instantly, it will take some time. The taxes will become fair. The country will work to stay out of war. They will stop eating the American children. Laws will not be designed for destroying people, but to preserve them. They will not be making laws to seek revenge. The American people will be allowed to have what they want.

How does this work? When the people are against God, then those people are the one's voting into office. When the people are with God, those people are the one's voted into office. It's a curse to have a wicked and evil ruler. The bible says that a wicked and evil ruler is for a wicked and evil people. It makes perfect sense then, we need to give the country back to God.

There has been many people for hundred of years trying to destroy America. They found out they could get the children to turn against God, bringing the country into ruin. I do not know the reason for it for wanting to hurt the United States.