My review of learning to become a digital artist.

I will keep this review as quick as possible. I started learning digital painting about 8 months ago, and now I am on the design stage. The design stage of digital painting is the portfolio stage. Although I learned digital painting, there is more for me to learn on the subject.

The hardest part of learning to become a digital painter is finding the books and videos. For me, I found a resource that had a complete course on the subject of digital painting. What was missing from the course is practice. You can find this course at control plus paint.

The first step in learning digital painting is the foundation skills. Learning these skills allowed me to start developing observation skills. What I learned is how to measure, how to see shape, and doing line work.

In the foundation skills I learned a fun way to draw and it's called gesture drawings. When you can get to this stage you will start to have fun with drawing. Gesture drawing is the first step in making a digital painting.

I learned how to render. After learning how to render I started to get hooked to digital painting. I learned about light and shadow. There is more than one type of shadow, and one type of light.

Now I can color things. I can match colors from real life to make life drawings. If I will buy the video I will learn the theory and science behind finding my own colors, this will make me a more powerful painter.

The last part was learning design. Now that I have the foundation skills for making my own designs, I will be able to practice digital painting. Being able to make my own designs has made my efforts to learn digital painting worth it.

It takes time, work mus be put into it for practicing the skill. I know there is lots of money in this hobby. And it's more than a hobby, it's a trade skill. My plan is to take my own designs and create models. I am almost there, I can make money from this, and have something put into society.