Is the United States Crazy? Schizophrenic and Double Minded

Having listening to a preacher talk about double minded people, schizophrenia and the demons that are tormenting them, I cam to the idea that the United States of America is a schizophrenic, or crazy country. Allow me to explain.

A double minded person is split in the head, he's thoughts and way of life always struggle against himself. He is going one way, but at the same time somewhere else. He hear things that are not there, full of delusions and mind instability.

The United States of America is like the double minded person. The people who make up the citizens of the country are not in unison. They are against each other, they fight each other because of debates and way's of life. They are always doing evil to one another and the government. A lot of people who work in the government are against other people in the government, they do not agree with each other. They are always fighting one another for control.

The country is split up with mixed race, mixed religion, and even mixed governments. While the problem of America being interracial is not bad and can easily be solved, the problem of religion cannot be so easily fixed. You have all the different religions of the world, including Satanic cults. There is also the fact that many people are trying to destroy religion itself. Some of those people desire war, some of them desire peace. Some of them fulfil their evil desires, while others live in a righteous manner. Some of those people are pro-marriage, while others are trying to make America a land of whore-dome. There are many many groups of people with many different personalities, and all those personalties are trying to change the personalties of everyone around them to talk, walk, dress, use the bathroom precisely the way they do. As a result America's mind is full of prejudice and paranoia.

What I mean by mixed governments? We have democratic, and republic parties that run the country. Along with a group that is neither. This causes the government to become divided. It is always at war with itself, and struggles for authority and dominion. The people struggle for rights, and protection from evil, while some of the government fulfils this desire, some of the government takes it away.

This is why some people call America crazy, I agree, and for my diagnosis, the United States of America is a double minded schizophrenic. It is at war with itself, it's mind is split. The only way to get these demons out of the country, and heal the brain and soul of the body and spirit, is for cooperation to happen. Because the people will not agree with one another, it after all is double minded, cooperation cannot happen. The only way I know that this country can be healed, is for Jesus Christ to take dominion of it. But for that to happen, the country must give it self to Jesus, repenting from it's evil, and seeking to do good.

The land of Israel has done this many of times, but God beat them up really good to fix their faults. I wonder if God would do the same for America, as he did for Israel. Israel was the promised land of the children of Abraham. Because of God's promise, because he made them the chosen ones, he did it. But how does America stand in the eyes of God?

I do not know of any scripture of God promising what he promised Israel to the gentiles. I know the promise of Jesus Christ is even for the gentiles, but what happens if the country all turns evil. God reproves the one he loves, and I know he loves everyone in the entire world. I realize at the time of writing this article, that God would send messengers, if not men, angels of the lord to call the evil people in the country to repentance before destroying it. This is the example that God has shown throughout the recorded historical documents of the "Holy Bible".