The Reason you do not vote, is because they do not Want you Voting.

The Reason you do not vote, is because they do not Want you Voting. It's just the simple, this article will explain how they did it. It also explains what to do about it.

They did not want you voting, because if you and the people who are like you vote, then they can't win. They wanted to do some nasty things to the people of America, but they can't make it happen unless they win the vote. The can't win the vote when so many people disagree with them. It's illegal to rig the voting system, but something that is legal for them to do, is persuaded the people in their vote. The people will not agree with the evil they want, so they persuaded the people to not vote.

They gave them half truths for not voting. They gave them excuses to not vote. It worked because of the pessimistic attitude everyone had at the time.

Some of the doctrines they spread into the people are things like, "My vote will not count." "I am just one in a million people." "What good will it do." "There is no way one vote can make a difference." "This is just a bunch of bull feces." "I am tired of this." "I don't care anymore."

At the same time they gave doctrines of encouragement to those who agreed with them. They stole, killed, and destroyed the people who disagreed with them. That means this is from the devil. It also means they used witch craft to make their evil work happen.

The only thing I know that can save the masses, is for them to become aware of this evil that is part of their life. If we are going to save our-self, we must get back into the politics, get out of the swamps and back into the city. They masses can have control over this country, but they must vote.

It is the work of refined witch craft, of psychology.