Joyner's Review of Dr William Walsh Protocol for Anxiety.

This article is about my personal trial with the Walsh Protocol for the treatment of anxiety. I did my own treatment because I am unable to pay the high fee the Walsh doctors require.

Suffering from anxiety and schizophrenia lead me to searching the internet for possible ways to cure the problem. Even though I ran into article after article saying there was no way, I kept searching. One of my searches lead to the comments section where someone said the name, William Walsh. After searching for William Walsh and my problem, I discovered that there was something that could be done. More research lead me to doctors, but the cost of the treatment was too high, I decided to do it on my own. It was a rough ride, but the treatment does work.

First I tried to get zinc and copper testing done. I purchased a zinc supplement. I thought the zinc supplement I was getting was the same zinc used for the taste test, I was wrong, it was a supplement only. Based on the false readings from the zinc taste test I started taking zinc supplements. Just as the Walsh protocol said, my anxiety would go up when taking it. However, I had such a bad attack from the anxiety, that I stopped with the zinc. I felt better after stopping and my doctor had given me a zinc test. According to that test result, the zinc was low, but now almost in range. Knowing that the zinc was almost in range, made me realize that zinc was not my problem, it was something else.

My research and investigating lead me to the idea that my histamine was low. I was able to get my doctor to order me a histamine blood test. According to that test my histamine was high, very high.

The first thing I tried doing to treat the high histamine was take methionine. At first the methionine gave me minor relief. Then one day the methionine gave me a severe anxiety attack. I stopped with the methionine and started feeling better. Soon after stopping the anxiety kept getting worse.

My next guess was vitamin C. After taking vitamin C 500 milligram in the morning, 500 milligram in the afternoon, the anxiety has almost been destroyed. My research on vitamin C and histamine, is vitamin creates diamine oxidase. I do not know if my diamine oxidase is the problem, or why it's bad, but I do know the vitamin C is currently my answer.

Later I got some flint stones complete. Taking more than recommended dosage made me feel better than have had some special illegal drug that I quit many years ago. I will not say what it was. I feel serenity, peace, my worries are gone, I feel good all over. The best part is I know there is no addiction, and I am going to continue to feel better as the month goes on. Jesus told me he was going to restore me 7 times. Now I know it's finally happening.

Update to article 3 months later! The flint stone complete started giving me anxiety attacks. I stopped the flint stone complete.

The vitamin C was not as effective as before. Vitamin C continued to give some relief. Vitamin B6 was more relief with vitamin C. The two combined mean that it had something to do with diamine oxidase. I then found out that the infected pouches in my colon gave me a 59% chance of having a bacterial infection or over growth. That bacteria eats food in your gut and produces histamine. The gut absorbs the histamine. I then found out that food poisoning can cause this bacterial infection, and that stress increases your chance of getting it. Because of having a poor background, it means my chances at food poison was a good one. Another cause is anti-biotics. This too was given to me by doctors, this alone can cause the infection.

I have been taking oregano of oil, and my condition has improved. It looks like I have found the demon that has been causing me so much trouble all these many years.

Update to article July 30, 2018. Oil of oregano was not enough alone, I also needed fresh chopped and crushed garlic. I used garlic powder to create garlic tea. The anxiety is cured, it's gone. There is some anxiety, but I think it's normal to have these, as I have seen normal people with same behavior. It's possible that the SIBO was the cause of schizophrenia, this is untested in me, because I still take the drugs.

The information that lead to me finding out about this infection was outside of William Walsh. It had to deal with histamine intolerance articles.

July 10, 2018. Lifeway kefir and oil or oregano has taken out the anxiety. It took 1 week of treatment and it's finally gone. They said there is a 70% chance of replase for SIBO. I have to find out why I get these infections to get rid of it once and for all. Mean time, I will continue for the next week with kefir and oregano.


I learned that when the histamine is higher, the coping skills are less effective. Sometimes the coping skills will make the problem worse when the histamine is high enough.

As the histamine gets lower and lower, the coping skills become more and more effective. So effective that one can find a resolution. A solution to the problem that didn't work before.

I also learned that there is no greater way to cope with anxiety, then to learn the word of God. Through Jesus Christ I have been able to suffer this.