Why the bible and it's doctrines cannot be enhanced, applified, or made better.

Scientist, doctors or just people in general have been trying to make the word of God enhanced, or amplified. They try to make it more advanced. They do this because of the idea that God is a man made myth. The reason it cannot be enhanced or made better, is because the word of God is the truth. That statement is easy to misunderstand because of stigma, let me fully explain what I mean by the truth.

When gold is harvested out of the earth it will have things in it that are not gold. Those things are also useless with our limited understanding of matter. The gold has to be refined to make it pure. After the gold reaches purity, it no longer can be refined, doing any work on it is a waste of energy, and could also make it dirty again.

Now take the word of God. The word of God is the truth. It is already pure. Because God's word has no lies in it, it cannot be enhanced. When people try to make it better, they end up making it dirty.

Jesus Christ is the word of God. The word of God is the truth. God estiblished wisdom and knowledge before he made the heaven and earth. God did these things in the very beginning.