President Trump saved millions of lives.

Did Donald Trump really save the United States from loosing millions of American lives? He also stopped America from killing people. Donald Trump saved millions of people, and it started on he's first day in office.

During the elections the Russian armed forces where on the boarder of America. They had carriers and battle ships, and also ships loaded with soldiers. After President Trump won the election, they went home. If Trump's antaganist had won, there would have been a war.

President Trump has been making peace with countries that had been hostile with us. They have been very irritated with the United States government and the way it had treated them in the past. With President Trump, came honer. He treated those countries with respect, rather than disrespect.

President Trump has made our allies stronger with us. He has reinforced bonds that had been getting weak.

One of the reason's President Trump did all these things, is because he had served in the armed forces. Having been a solder he carried this trait with him. The other reason is God is with him at the moment. If for some reason God steps away from President Trump, then he's actions will be no different than the other heathens that have been in charge of this country.

History repeats itself, and America is going to repeat history again. After Trump leaves office it could become hostile again, starting wars, and maybe even getting attacked.