The reason I sold my byte coin, and invested into sumo coin and monero.

The reason I sold all my byte coin is because of the evil the byte coin team has been doing. They have been taking bit coins from people, and even though it was in their power to make it right, they kept the money. When ever you trade with a business owned by evil people, eventually an evil thing happens.

Another reason for leaving byte coin is because of a web page that displays a count down on the byte coin emission. According to what people are saying, the emission of byte coin will end in about 364 days. They are saying there will be no more byte coins. If that happens, then the coin is done with, it will be over.

I decided to invest into sumo coin, and also monero. I had a version from God about these two coins. Sumo coin could be a monero slayer. And it is speculation, that monero might be worth as much as bit coin.

I am not telling you to invest in a coin or another coin. I am only giving my testimony. Byte coin might reach a high value like everyone is expecting. I believe it could. I do not trust byte coin because of the evil works the team is doing.