Testimony: At the Gates of Hell after Heart Failure.

This is a testimony about an experience I had when I almost died from heart failure in the hospital. The reason my heart failed was because of dehydration. It was an attempted suicide.

While the doctors where trying to figure out what was wrong with my heart, a woman was standing next to the bed walking me through the sinners prayer. Before I was finished with the prayer I heard an evil voice say, "Oh no you don't." I then felt something grab me and yank me out of my body.

I found my self in a dark place, and I could barley see them, but I was looking at the gates of hell. They where red and could barley be seen. I saw two people standing next to a podium with a book on it. And one of them said, "Well lets see if your name is in here." All he did was open the book and then say, "Yep here it is, this is where you belong."

I told him that I was not going to go inside. He then asked me where I was going to go, if I didn't go inside. I told him that I would just stay outside, but I never will go inside. Then a great wind came up and I started to become sucked into the gates.

I knew I had to call out to a name to be saved, but I didn't know who. I first thought it was my sister, so I called out to my sister. Then I thought to call for God, but the gates continued to suck me in. I finally remembered the name of Jesus, and I called out to Jesus, I said, "Jesus, I don't understand, I thought I was saved, I don't understand why I am here." I had succumbed and knew I was going to burn in hell for eternity.

I was then lifted up and my soul arrived at the gates of heaven, which where closed to me. I saw a woman standing there who I mistook for my grandmother. She told me she was not my grandmother. I told her that I was not ready yet, and I told her that I didn't want to go back to the other place. She was looking just above my head when she noticed something that made her happy. "Oh I see it." She told me that I was not coming back for a long long long time. With the palms of her hands she pushed me in my chest. I fell backwards.

My soul returned to my body, where the doctor had given up on me. After fighting death to get my body to awaken, to move, the doctor noticed I was still alive, and then was able to get my heart going again.

Doctors have done more than save lives, they have saved souls from hell. Some of those doctors are none believers. This was not the last time my life was saved at the hospital.

Other people have seen more than just the gates, some people have literally been in hell. They can tell you what it felt like to burn, and be separated from God. Jesus gave me a second chance, and as long as he is true, I will stay with him.

It was the name of Jesus Christ that saved me from hell, and I know Jesus is the only way to God.