The devil and Satan is fighting against marijuana legalization.

The devil and Satan uses lies. There is no truth in the devil or Satan, and their half truth is not any better. This is what Jesus said about them. When ever you see half truth's and lies being used, you can know the devil is behind it.

There is many half truths, and many lies put into the world about marijuana. The christian church has been tricked by many of them.

Those half truths and lies are about marijuana being dangerous. According to survey and research, marijuana is not harmful. And there have never been a death reported from it's use.

Another half truth that is used against it, is that children will all become retarded if they use it. Other than the trained behavior given to them by the devil, the people who have used it are no different than those who never used it. Be careful, because it's proven in the bible that a christian can be more harmful and dangerous than a criminal. The devil is so crafty, he is able to use the faithful for he's evil, he just needs them to believe a lie.

God supports Salt, oil, and alcohol. If you do not believe that, then maybe you have never read the bible for yourself. Or maybe the version your using is perverted. The devil has been trying to destroy all three of those. The way he has tried to destroy salt, oil and alcohol, is the same way he's trying to destroy marijuana.

They said that it cannot be good to smoke anything, no matter what it is. This has been proven to be a lie. Not just marijuana is good for your lungs if you smoke it. Marijuana increases the lungs. Marijuana heals damage caused to the lungs. It even helps people who have breathing problems, sometimes curing them.

They said marijuana has 10 times more cancer causing tar. It has been proven that marijuana has never caused cancer. The only time a marijuana smoking has had cancer, is because they also smoked tobacco.

They keep saying marijuana is a gateway drug and will lead to addiction. This is another half truth. Marijuana is only used as a gateway drug, because it's in the hands of evil drug dealers.

They said marijuana is psychologically additive. Praying to God and dancing is psychologically addictive.

They said only bad people smoke marijuana. This is a half truth. Anyone can pick up the keys to a car and drive, good and bad. Many good people use things that evil people use.

They said marijuana is an hallucinogenic. This is another half truth. Marijuana has a very small amount of an hallucinogen in it, it's so small that even with heavy amounts of usage, the effect is unnoticeable.

Not all drug dealers are evil. That is another half truth that has been used against marijuana and people who use it. Its the same with alcohol, not all people who drink alcohol are evil.

Some people are in fear of marijuana because it's use for a feel good affect. They say it's a drug. Another half truth. Aspirin and caffeine are drugs. God gave us feel good chemicals so he's people could enjoy it, one of those is alcohol.

Marijuana is a seed bearing herb. It is clean for God's children to have. That is one more reason the devil is trying to destroy it. Anything God said is good, the devil is after.

They said marijuana has destroyed lives and even communities. Another half truth. The only reason marijuana has destroyed anyone, is because of the law being enforced.

When sex is unregulated and out of control, it will destroy families. God said sex is holy and pure in he's eyes, with the bed undefiled. It's the same with marijuana, when it's unregulated and not controlled, that's when it becomes a problem. That's why it should be made legal. Right now the drug dealers control marijuana, and they decide who uses it.

I have seen the pictures of people who are against marijuana, and in those pictures I can see the devil in their face. Jeff Session has a powerful demon operating inside him to fight marijuana. It can be seen when he speaks against marijuana. That's just one example.

People are turned away from God when they find out church people are against marijuana. Like me, it's very hard to understand why God would be against something harmless and good.

The spirit of fear is what has been given to the people who are against marijuana. Fear is not from God, its from the devil. Knowing that lies and evil spirits are being used to fight marijuana, has me convinced the devil wants to keep people from having it. The devil is fighting marijuana the same way he fights against salt and oil, and also alcohol.