If you are quick in bed, then maybe your histamine is too high.

There are many different causes for the reason of being quick in bed. This article will only talk about one of those. I discovered this from researching high histamine as it relates to schizophrenia. This article only talk about men, it is unknown at the time of writing if it relates to woman.

High histamine can be a cause of being too quick. A high libido and allergies is also a cause of high histamine. It was written on the net that high histamine means you can be harder. High histamine can also cause schizophrenia. Having high histamine could mean that your body is undermethylated, but other things can cause it. Undermethylation is usually the culprit when their is a mental illness involved. Anxiety or depression is caused by high histamine. Stress causes a release of histamine, and therefore should make it worse.