How to start a new life. How to have a new beginning.

With Jesus Christ as a christian, you can have life and more abundantly, in this life and the one to come. I will only talk about this very quickly. I will only speak some of the basics.

When you become a christian, you will enter into a new society. The people in this society forgive everyone for everything they have ever done. They will not judge anyone as long as they repent and become a christian. In this society everyone obeys God's law.

You can have total forgiveness not just by the people in Christianity, but also by God himself. You canl be forgiven for sexual sins, violent sins, and blasphemy. Jesus said all sins shall be forgiven of the son's of men. And all blasphemies. This is one sin he said that will not be forgiven. I will not speak it here.

Becoming a christian is the act of starting a new life. Leaving the old life in a body of water to remain dead to the new life. Putting away the flesh and putting on the spirit.

If a christian is not practicing the forgiveness that I spoke of, then maybe that person's fault needs to be fixed by God. That person could also be a fake christian.

There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. All sins are to be forgiven of the son's of men. This is what Jesus Christ declared, as it's written in the Holy Bible. There is nothing impossible for God. There is nothing to great for him. Man is weak and limited, but God is all powerful.

Embrace life rather than death. God has chosen to save everyone, even the people who have done the worst of crimes. Only need to accept Jesus Christ as king, as lord, as father. Then obey he's commandments. Jesus can change your life.