How to make one million dollars

This article will explain how to make money, alot of money. You will not have any competition to worry about, and so long as you keep the money flowing, it is guaranteed to make you alot of money.

The first part of this method to make 250k, 500k, 1M, is to get a job. Get a job working and start earning a weekly or bi-weekly pay check. A salary will also work. The higher your pay, the more you can manage to get.

The second part is to open a savings account. The saving account will be used to accumulate your money until you have reached your desired goal. Right now some people are thinking that it is impossible to save up to one million in USD. The rest of this article will explain why you can save 1M in USD.

This is a long term investment. You could spend 50 years, 40 years, or 30 years saving your money. If you have that much time, then what you might discover is that you could end up with 250k, or 500k, or 1M in USD. You might not want to spend that much time waiting for it. Well keep in mind that you are going to live that long anyway. In 30 years you will have the desire to have that amount of money, but will not have it because you wasted it on unnecessary things. You will be saying things, if I only had 1 dollar for every coke/beer can I have thrown away. You will be looking into business opportunities, but find out you need alot more than your very small 10k, or 50k. I want to mention, that a small 10k or even 5k could get you a business started.

Look at this formula, it will prove that you can acquire 1M or 500k, or 250k in your lifetime. Amount of money, divided by number of years, divided number of months in a year. So if you have 50 years to save, and you want 1M USD, then the use of the following formula, (1,000,000 / 50) / 12 = 1,666.67 dollars a month needed to be saved. For the goal of 500k, it would be 833.34 dollars a month, and for 250k, 416.67 dollars a month. You could take it one step lower and only have to save 208.34 dollars a month, 125k dollars could help you to start a business, and have an automated income run by your chosen managers. Your retirement would be better if you owned a profitable business. But keep in mind that starting a business is risky investment.

Another opportunity is to look at a short term saving. 100 dollars a month for 5 years. that would give you 1200 dollars a year, giving you 6000 dollars in 5 years. If you so desire, you can save up 200 dollars a month, giving you 12000 dollars in savings in 5 years. Go longer and you will have even more. 6000 dollars might be enough for the tools necessary to start your own sole business, such as cutting the grass in your neighborhood. I bet if you had enough yards to cut in your local neighborhood to keep you busy each week, you would make plenty more than working for a lawn care business, even if you are the manager. This type of business is possible, because as the only person in the company, you can cut the grass cheaper than the commercial competition. Which is why your neighbor's hired you to cut and trim their yard.

While you accumulate your savings, your credit will also increase. The more money that you have in your saving accounts, the higher your chance of getting an honest credit line. You will have that money for emergencies, unexpected bills, and to higher lawyers when the evil people in the world try to eat you. From the formula above, a person can calculate how much their job is worth. If you make 1,666.67 dollars a month working at your job, in 50 years your job is worth 1M.