Why did God choose Donald Trump as President? I know one reason, that has already been manifesting.

One reason God decided to put President Donald Trump into the white house to run the United States, is so God can have more reason to punish the American people.

President Donald Trump is a christian, and right now the ungodly men and women in the country are speaking all kinds of blaspheme about him. What they are doing, is setting them-self up to be judged by their own words.

Not only has God given the American people over to President Trump, but President Trump has also given some securities for the christian people. This is another sign that looks like judgement of some kind could be approaching.

Already judgement has fallen on people, many people who are enemies of not just the United States, but also God. President Trump's short time in office so far, has led to the capture and judgement of a large number of people.

You might not have heard of it, but President Trump stopped a war between Russia and the United States when he was elected. Russia was going to attack the us and make an attempt to invade it's shore if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

President Trump might have been a sinner before he ran for office, but he now has turned he's soul over to Jesus Christ. At the time of writing this article, President Trump has repented from the evil that the devil is trying to use for he's destruction. The devil does not want President Trump to be president for another 4 years after this current term.