The End Times have been here for many People, many times in the last 2000 years.

The signs and wonders, also the behavior of the people that Jesus spoke of about when he described the end times, has already happened many times already. The only thing missing is the return of Jesus Christ.

Wars and rumors of wars. Evil people pretending to be God. Earth quakes, famine, pestilences, floods, and fires. Those are some of the things Jesus said would happen in the end times. The great falling away that the church talks about, has happened many times already. Through out all of man's history, God has judged the world. As it is written, all have turned aside, there is not one, no not one. There is a generation that is evil and wicked.

Will Jesus Christ return this time? I do not know if he's coming back yet, but I do know that when things turn out like they are now, then God judges the people, saving only a remnant. If repent on time, then God will forgive them.