Reasons people should not be gay or lesbian.

I have some arguments against being gay, or being lesbian. These arguments are not against gay people, but against their works.

Argument one about man on man. It is nasty to stick any of your members into feces. It is even worse to have sex with feces. Even though most gay people in the United States keep themselves clean, they are at risk for infections of all kinds. Feces will stain your skin even after being abstinent from it for years. It is nasty, it is gross, it is disgusting, it stinks, it is also stupid, because it makes no sense to have sex with feces. These things are some of the reasons it is called an abomination.

Argument two about lesbians. This is something the bible calls silly. A woman trying to have sex with a woman. It is because penetration is required, that it supposed to be with a man.

Argument three, chemicals. The process of sex involves chemistry. A man on man is the wrong chemicals, while woman on woman is the wrong chemicals. A woman needs a man's chemicals, and like wise, a man needs a woman's chemicals.

Man on man is nasty, and so is woman on woman. Woman on woman is silly, and so is man on man.