Hospital and Clinic Owners Consume the Mentally ill.

Before getting into this article, I must explain some things about what I am going to communicate. What I have discovered about the destruction of my life, what I have discovered about why it has happened, cannot be backed up by me with evidence. The information inside my be accurate, but it might also be inaccurate. How precise the information is to the cause of the problems in the medical industry, might be off or on target.

Take here a business man. This business man instructed himself to be a doctor. He is a type of psychiatrist, with lots of money, and a business plan. That business man decided to open up mental hospitals and clinics for profit. One day someone found out how to treat mentally ill people without the use of drugs, that must be given by doctors. These mental patients can be well enough on this new treatment that they do not need a doctor for help anymore. When the business man found out what was happening, he knew that he's business could suddenly have a decline in income. He saw that he might go out of business because of having none to treat anymore.

The problem the business man faces, is if the mental patients can get treated for their problem with medicine that can be gotten over the counter, then they will no longer have a dependency on doctors, the doctors that work for him. He looses even more money, when he figures out that he's hospitals will be empty because the patients are no longer suffering from a problem that he's business treats.

The business knows who has the power to change laws and manipulate the law system. He can also change the way the majority of medical staff in the United States think, because of how much business he owns. There is so many people who work for him, that it has given him great power. Another reason he is able to do this is because he has trained himself in the powers of the human mind. Not only can he do this thing, but he also is able to have a number of people who work for him help with that systematic change in thinking.

With the doctors giving the witness and forced facts that he wants in the court rooms, he is able to change the laws. The laws are changed in favor of the business man being able to involuntary confine people. He is also able to hold them as long as he desires. Along with this he has made it impossible to get treatment, unless seen by a doctor. He has changed the laws so the police will enforce he's business growth and security. One reason he was able to do these things, is because he also manipulated the opinions and ideas that medical staffing have about the clients who use he's business. One of those opinions and ideas is the rejection of the alternate treatment that would set he's clients free from him. Other than the money, I do not know why he has done it. Maybe it has something about being prejudice. Maybe he just takes pleasure in consuming people. It also could be a result of him worshiping the devil.