The doctors and police are more hostile and damaging than criminals.

Abused by doctors and nursing staff, in every hospital I have ever been around Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach. For the hospitals outside of Jacksonville and Fernandina, I was not abused, even though I had a long stay. I also have a long history of being abused by doctors, which I will explain in this article.

The doctors made me think they where killing the patients. They made me think they where literally causing them heart failure. They even made me think I was responsible for one those deaths. This has caused me to feel severe guilt and shame for the last 4 years. I know nobody died, but even with that I still feel very bad. I have talked with many doctors and even a police officer about it. The pain has been very bad for very long time because of the lies they told me.

Doctors have been responsible for the abuse I got in school. They literally caused the students to hurt me in all kinds of ways, they even destroyed my future sex life with a bad reputation. I am now an eunuch.

Police officers have also caused me harm by making me paranoid of them. I am always in fear of them, believing they are going to falsely accuse me of crimes, just for the pleasure of having the power of putting someone away. Many police officers have told me they can do that, and do it all the time. They talk to me like I am in boot camp, and they are a drill master. I know from their behavior, that none of the assaults against them deserved punishment, as the police are the ones who cause it. They do this because they get lawsuit money, points on their record, and sex out of pity.

What about the drug dealers, the withes, the druggies and criminals? They for some reason do not abuse me, even though i am afraid of them. They leave me alone and never mess with me. They say nothing to me, and have even saved my life without looking for a reward. I can't say all of them are safe, but life in the underground has been much safer than with the other people. Even though they might threaten my life, and even steal from me, it feels safer around them than with doctors and police officers.

I isolate because I cannot be with either group. Not the criminals, not doctors, not police officers. The only group I can be near are Christians. I have be be very careful around Christians, they will sometimes curse me. That is why I isolate and attend an online church. Never listen to the live broad casts, but only the recorded, from the previous night.