If the doctor gives you maximum dosage, then half the pill.

What? But the doctor said I should take this much of the medicine. Do not do it, people have been killed by their doctors because of the dosage they give.

When the medicine is at the maximum strength, or maximum possible dosage, then your at high risk for over dose. All it takes is a little tiny bit to make the number too many. Fruit juice and the maximum dosage of medicine is one of the things that have killed many people in the world.

Having the maximum dosage of a medicine is like filling a glass to the rim with drink. Any small vibration or movement will cause the liquid to spill out, making a nasty mess that your wife is forced to clean.

Most of the celebrities in America have died from over dose, and it's because their doctor gave them the maximum possible dosage. People have been getting killed by their doctors in this way, both by accident and on purpose. If your doctor gives you the maximum possible dosage, then cut the pill in half. Disobedience can sometimes save your life.

The maximum possible dosage can be found out doing an internet search.